Assam Minister Said Why Blame Modi On Corona Cases

Guwahati Latest News From Guwati As We Know That In India Corona cases are increasing day by day and these days are very hard for Indian government daily 1000 to 5000 new cases are reporting.

This is a very tough time for a country like India where half of the population is poor and they can’t afford anything if the government tries for a lockdown it will be a very tough situation for the poor people, especially in Assam.

Assam is the place where 70 percent of the population income came from playing lottery games like khanapara teer shillong and juwai teer if the state will close because of corona then their income will stop and they can’t even earn money so this will be a bad time for them.

Assam minister said why we blame Modi for this when we can even follow sop,s we can’t even wear a mask so we have to follow sop,s for our protection our Childrens safety and our family safety.

Coronavirus: Medics use thermal screeing device

Arvind Kejriwal Speaking About Modi

During a conversation with Prime Minister on Friday, radiated live on TV for quite a while, Arvind Kejriwal discussed the public capital’s devastating oxygen emergency as a few medical clinics in Delhi hailed intense emergencies of oxygen via online media and moved toward the court for help.

At the gathering, Mr. Kejriwal educated PM Modi that a “major misfortune” could happen as a result of the oxygen deficiency in Delhi medical clinics and looked for the Prime Minister’s mediation: “Please sir, we need your direction.

Mr Sarma prior a year ago was commended for treatment of Assam’s COVID-19 emergency and for holding the death rate within proper limits by building a few Covid offices and leading tests despite the fact that the quantities of examples were high.

The Assam serve on Friday, in a four-section tweet arrangement with #ModiSavesIndia, referred to different estimates taken by the Center to make basic life-saving medications Remdesivir accessible to states and asserted that the “lion’s offer” of oxygen was given to states where the BJP isn’t in power.

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