Does Multani mud really eliminate hair dryness?

Multani mud is considered to be useful and the best home remedy for beautiful skin, but did you know that multani mud has many benefits for hair as well as skin? From deep conditioning to dry and damaged hair to reducing itchy scalp, Multani mud plays an important role.

Multani mud has also been used for centuries for optimal hair health and growth, it is also free from chemicals and is a natural way to deal with all your hair problems including hair loss and dandruff.

There are many other interesting benefits to incorporating this wonderful clay into your hair care routine, which will be discussed in detail below.

Amazing Benefits Of Multani Mud For Hair:
Eliminates dryness:

Multani mud with its moisture retaining properties removes dryness of hair, for this you can make a mask from which you can get rid of dryness quickly.

Improves blood circulation:

Multani mud can be a very effective and powerful ingredient for improving blood circulation. Better blood circulation means healthier and coarse hair. It also means better hair growth. Better blood circulation means less hair loss and baldness.

Straightens hair:

Multani mud not only grows your hair but also protects your hair roots while straightening. Make your own Multani mud hair pack to straighten hair as store-bought hair packs can contain other harmful ingredients.