Himanta Biswa Sarma On The Track For Assam For 10 Days

In Assam, The covid cases are increasing day by day the government is working very hard to stop this covid infection but this virus is getting out of control there are many cases reported this Sunday and the cases are increasing day by day and the people of Assam are very worried.

covid 19 is not new last year it destroyed many countries in the world India is one of them this is the second wave of covid 19 in India and this time this virus is more powerful than the government is trying to control but this is not possible.

Himanta Biswa Sarma On The Track For Assam

the people of have to follow the sops otherwise covid cases will not control and it will increase day by day if another lockdown happens then the poor people have to suffer again.

Assam is burning through 20 metric tons (MT) of oxygen day by day. In the previous 10 days, we have revived a portion of our old oxygen plants and furthermore settled pressing factor swing assimilation (PSA) plants in various clinical school and common medical clinics our oxygen age limit has expanded to 61 MT day by day,” Sarma said.

“We have likewise upgraded our oxygen stockpiling ability to 468 MT. Accordingly, I for one feel that for the following 10 days our oxygen circumstance will stay stable and there ought not to be any frenzy. In the following week we will set up three all the more little oxygen plants in three medical clinics,” he added.

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