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I made a mistake. The Prime Minister resigned shortly after assuming the chair

London (Monitoring Desk) The recently elected British Prime Minister Liz Truss has announced her resignation from her position after only 45 days.

According to foreign media reports, after the resignation of the Interior Minister yesterday, the Prime Minister of England has also announced his resignation. Liz Truss said that the king has been informed about his resignation, unable to deliver as per the mandate in the current situation.

He said that having come to power at a time of difficult economic conditions and global instability, the Conservative Party had received a mandate to deal with the situation, which had not delivered on the mandate it had brought, next week. There will be elections for the leadership of the party, I will perform the duties of the Prime Minister until the elections for the alternative leadership are held.

It should be noted that Liz Truss held the position of the Prime Minister for the shortest period, she was only 45 days into the position of the Prime Minister. Before Liz Truss, in 1827, George Cunningham was Prime Minister of Great Britain for just 119 days.

It should be noted that the British Home Minister Suella Braverman resigned from her post yesterday. According to foreign media reports, Soyla Braverman said that I mistakenly sent an official document from a personal email, according to the rules, I made a mistake, so I am resigning.

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