India sent thousands of tons of wheat to Afghanistan via Wagah border

India has shipped several tonnes of wheat to the people of Afghanistan via the Wagah border to help alleviate the acute food shortage there.

According to the news agency AP, Pakistan had agreed to allow wheat to be sent from the neighboring country via Wagah.

A statement issued by the Indian Foreign Ministry said that India had donated 2,500 tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan on 50 trucks which reached Afghanistan via Pakistan.

“I thank the Indian government for its generosity at a time when more than 20 million Afghans are living in the worst crisis or food insecurity in more than three decades,” Afghanistan’s ambassador to India, Farid Mamondzi, tweeted. Are facing

Afghan officials said the trucks entered Pakistan via the Wagah border and reached Torkham in Afghanistan.

A Pakistani Commerce Ministry official confirmed the development, saying food aid would be distributed through a UN agency.

It should be noted that flights between India and Afghanistan are closed and the easiest way to deliver aid is to deliver them via Pakistan.

Last week, Pakistan allowed India to deliver wheat to Afghanistan via Wagah.

Under the agreement with India, Pakistan had allowed India to send wheat to Afghanistan by truck via the Attari-Wagah border.

The trucks will then travel from Pakistan via the Torkham border to the Afghan city of Jalalabad, Foreign Ministry officials said last week.

Afghanistan has been in the worst economic crisis since the Taliban took power, and the United States has frozen افغانستان 3.5 billion in assets.

On February 11, Biden announced that half of the ڈالر 3.5 billion in assets would be distributed to the families of 9/11 victims, with the rest going to help resolve the crisis in Afghanistan.

The United Nations has warned that 23 million Afghans could face a food crisis or emergency in the winter.

The World Health Organization fears that 10 of Afghanistan’s 11 densely populated cities could suffer from food shortages and malnutrition.