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Indonesia bans cough syrup after 99 children die

Indonesia has banned the sale of all types of cough syrup after 99 children died of kidney disease.

The ban will remain in place until an investigation by the Indonesian Ministry of Health into the cause of the illness is completed.

So far, 206 cases of kidney problems have been reported in Indonesia, mostly in children under the age of 6. Authorities are investigating possible toxic effects of ingredients in the liquid medicine.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Health said that so far only children have been affected and we have taken this decision to protect them. has increased from

It should be noted that earlier in the African country of Gambia, 66 children died due to kidney failure due to the alleged use of an Indian company’s cough syrup. After that, four Indian medicines for cold, fever and cough were banned by the World Health Organization. It was declared harmful to health.

According to the World Health Organization, these liquid medicines are also being used in other countries. These medicines were already not allowed to be sold in Indonesia. According to local authorities, glycerin may be contaminated and these ingredients are used to make cough syrups. Commonly used.

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