Khanapara Teer Result is also known as Guwahati Teer Results
Why Everyone Wish To Play Teer Game?

Nowadays, most people wish to participate in the teer game since it is very exciting and fun as well. This is the game that is entirely based on the number of figures that hit the target objective. There are so many archers who hit the targets with the arrows. The numeral of arrows that hits the target will be taken into account and the arrows that strike down will not be taken into count. The total digit of arrows that hit the object will be counted and finally, the result will be announced with the last two-digit.

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Yes, it is a game about number prediction in which the participants have to buy a ticket with a digit in which they feel that they would be a lucky number. If the number of arrows strikes the object is four digits in the sense, then the result is taken into consideration with the last two digits. Those who are playing this game will be enjoyed a lot and sure they will win real money.

Teer is one of the most popular games which are played legally in states like Meghalaya, Shilong, Assam, and more. And also, Guwahati is also a famous place to play the game and get Khanapara Guwahati Teer’s results¬†online instantly!! Make use of the following article and know how to check the teer results online!!

What is great about the teer game?

In this game, the lucky digit is predicted from 0 to 99. This is the game which is played in a particular club every day except on Sunday. If you are the one who feels lucky, then you can participate in the teer game and sure you will get a chance to win real money. So, get ready to choose the desired or common number and enjoy the game. You are possible to buy the desired digit from the teer ticket counters. And also, you are possible to buy multiple numbers of tickets from the teer counters.

Per day, there are two rounds were conducted such as 3.50 pm and 4.15 pm. once they starts, then archers will begin to strike the target area with a number of bolts from a specific distance. The group of archers targets an area and hits by bolts. Then, the authorities calculate the total number of bolts and then announce the result. Both rounds are the same and the timing is different. One can able to participate in both rounds. Spend a day in a unique way and get a thrilling experience!! Check out Guwahati teer results online and come to know whether you have predicted the number exactly or not!

When it comes to predicting the numbers, participants will be provided with two options such as dream and common number. A dream number is nothing but, you will get a digit on your dream before the night. In your dream, if a fish comes then it might be calculated as 5 or snakes come then it will be calculated as 6 or 9. So, the next day, it is far superior to go with 55 if you caught 5 fishes in your dream. Thus, participants believe in their dream and bet on a particular number!!