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Launch of 4G services in Shamshal village, the highest elevation in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: (ShaniPK) The communication revolution has taken place in Shamshal village located at the highest altitude in Pakistan. SCO has connected Shamshal village with the world through 4G services.

The village of Shamshal, 55 km from Karakoram Highway, is located at an altitude of 11,000 feet. Will be able

The SCO also provided a great facility of easy healing telemedicine through 4G. Telemedicine enabled the residents of Shamshal village to access 6,000 doctors across Pakistan. Now the local population will be able to get immediate medical advice from specialist doctors at home. The people of Shamshal village are happy to have access to 21st century facilities for the first time and the people appreciated the SCO for its efforts to make life comfortable.