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Pre-monsoon rains have started in the country

Pre-monsoon rains have started in the country. Rains fell in different parts of Balochistan including Kohlu and Barkhan districts. Heavy rains in some areas flooded rivers and streams.

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has issued instructions to deal with the flood situation.

The northeast and coastal areas of the province are said to be inundated. On the other hand, the weather in Punjab became pleasant after rains in Jhang and Sheikhupura.

Heavy rains also lashed some areas of Sheikhupura. After intense heat during the day in Lahore, wind and thunder were seen in the evening. The Meteorological Department has forecast rain in the city.

The flash floods in the neighboring district of Sheikhupura in Lahore in the month of June are being seen as extraordinary and a change in the environment.