Premanand Ji Maharaj Biography: A Spiritual Journey of Devotion and Resilience

If you know who Premanand Ji Maharaj is, then you’re in for an enlightening read. This article delves into the captivating biography of Premanand Swami Ji Maharaj, a spiritual luminary whose life story is both inspirational and remarkable. So, let’s embark on a journey to discover the life and teachings of Premanand Ji Maharaj.

Who is Premanand Ji Maharaj?

Premanand Ji Maharaj, whose full name is Aniruddh Kumar Panday, was born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh in 1930. He hails from a Brahmin family and is widely recognized for his deep devotion to Lord Krishna Maharaj. His father, Shri Sambhu Pandey, and mother, Mrs. Rama Devi Pandey, raised him in a pious and humble environment.

Premanand Ji Maharaj Wikipedia

Premanand Ji Maharaj’s simple and sweet demeanor has earned him a dedicated following. He has become renowned for his devotion to Lord Krishna and his ability to convey spiritual wisdom in a relatable manner. His family background is one of devotion, with his grandfather and father also being Brahmins immersed in spiritual practices.

Shri Hit Premanand Ji Maharaj’s Name

Shri Hit Premanand Ji Maharaj is a revered figure among his devotees. Known by various names, including Premanand Swami Ji Maharaj, Peele Baba, and Shri Hit Premanand Govind Sharan Ji Maharaj, his influence continues to grow as more people seek his teachings and darshan.

Premanand Ji Maharaj’s Health and Kidney Condition

Despite facing health challenges, Premanand Ji Maharaj remains an epitome of strength and positivity. His kidneys have been affected by polycystic kidney disease (ICD), a hereditary condition that has led to severe damage. Remarkably, he continues to live a healthy and vibrant life, inspiring others with his resilience and unwavering devotion.

Premanand Ji Maharaj’s Ashram and its Address

Premanand Ji Maharaj’s ashram, located in Vrindavan Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, serves as a spiritual haven for seekers from near and far. It is currently situated at Shri Hit Radha Kalikunj Parikrama Marg, Varaha Ghat, in front of Bhakti Vedanta Hospice. This serene abode has witnessed his dedicated practice and teachings.

Shri Hit Premanand Govind Sharan Ji Maharaj’s Age

Born in 1970 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Premanand Ji Maharaj’s current age is estimated to be around 50 years. His youthful appearance is a testament to his spiritual vitality and unwavering dedication to his path.

Premanand Ji Maharaj and Virat Kohli Anushka Sharma

Even celebrities have been drawn to Premanand Ji Maharaj’s presence. Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma sought blessings from him during their visit to Uttarakhand. This heartwarming encounter showcased the universal appeal of Premanand Ji Maharaj’s teachings.

Swami Premanand Ji Maharaj’s Education

Premanand Ji Maharaj’s educational journey was infused with spiritual knowledge from a young age. Raised in a spiritual family, he immersed himself in the study of scriptures like Shree Houmai Chalisa and the Bhagavad Gita. His commitment to spiritual learning guided him towards his life’s purpose.


Premanand Ji Maharaj’s life is a testament to unwavering faith, resilience, and devotion. Despite facing health challenges, he continues to inspire countless individuals with his teachings and compassionate presence. His legacy is one of spiritual wisdom and a deep connection with Lord Krishna Maharaj.


  1. Who is Shri Hit Premanand Govind Sharan Ji Maharaj? Shri Hit Premanand Govind Sharan Ji Maharaj, also known as Premanand Ji Maharaj, is a revered spiritual figure known for his devotion to Lord Krishna and his teachings on spirituality.
  2. What is the caste of Premanand Ji Maharaj? Premanand Ji Maharaj belongs to a Brahmin family and is of the Pandey surname.
  3. When was Shri Hit Premanand Ji Maharaj born? Shri Hit Premanand Ji Maharaj was born in Akhri Village, Sarsol Block, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
  4. What is the Premanand Ji Maharaj ashram contact number? The Premanand Ji Maharaj ashram contact number is 098371 43883, and you can also reach out via email at
  5. How did Premanand Ji Maharaj live without a kidney? Premanand Ji Maharaj lives with polycystic kidney disease (ICD) and does not have functional kidneys. Despite this, he remains joyful and engaged in his spiritual practice.

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