How Exciting To Play Teer Game?

Nowadays, people spend much of their money on lottery games. Actually, lottery games are played for many reasons but it has the ability to make you rich if you are feeling lucky. Of course, lottery games are many but most of the lottery games are playing illegally, right? But, have you ever heard about the Teer game? Yes! Teer is one of the best entertaining and thrilling lottery games which are played using archery. This game is highly popular in the North-East states of India.

Shillong Teer Common Numbers 03-Apr-2021


Khanapara Morning Teer Common Numbers 03-Apr-2021


Khanapara Teer Common Numbers 03-Apr-2021


Juwai Teer Common Numbers 03-Apr-2021



Surprisingly, the government offers permission to play Teer game and the participants have to play the game with a lucky digit from 0 to 99. In this game, the archers throw the arrow on the target object and the participants begin to predict the lucky figure from 0 to 99. Teer game is conducted twice per day and played daily except on Sunday. Just scroll down your eyes and know what the teer counter is and how the teer results are announced!!!

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How is Teer Game Played?

As mentioned above, archers will throw the arrows at the target object and the number of arrows is counted. If the number of arrows on a target is four-digit numbers, then the winning digit would be the last two digits. For example, the digit of arrows hit the target would be 5678, then the winning integer of teer is 78. Those who predict the figure correctly, then they will be announced as the winner and awarded with a cash prize.

At the same time, you are permitted to guess the numeral after the game started; instead, gamers should predict the lucky numeral before the game starts. If you are lucky enough, then you can win the game. And also, you can predict the lucky numeral by considering the past teer results. This is how teer game has been played and teer has become the most popular game on the northern side.  Get ready to check out teer counter online!

As in general, the teer game has been played in every day except Sunday and also the club will be closed due to Government holidays. Betting on a numeral is an exciting one and offers a thrilling experience while playing the teer game. If you want to reserve your place, then you need to confirm your place through the teer counter.

What about the game’s prize?

And sure, with just a predicting manner you can win more than what you have expected. For example, you are buying a digit for Rs. 50, and then if the numeral of yours wins the game, then you will be awarded Rs. 4000. Chances of the winning game are authenticated and realistic as well. Now tell me…!! How beneficial to play the teer game? If you don’t have experience with this game still, then it is the best time to participate and win real cash money! Regardless of age and gender anyone can participate in the game without any troubles!! No issue if there is any delay when announcing the result since it could be network issues!