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The health of the Saudi Crown Prince is unwell, will he participate in the Arab League or not? There is big news

Riyadh (International Desk) Saudi Arabia’s young Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will not attend the next month’s Arab League summit in Algeria on the advice of doctors.

According to the World News Agency, the Prime Minister and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, apologized to the Algerian President Abdel Majid Taboun for participating in the meeting of the Arab League on November 1 in a telephone conversation.

Saudi media say that 37-year-old Mohammed bin Salman has been forbidden to travel by his doctors, due to which he will not be able to attend the Arab League summit, but it is not said why the doctors gave this advice. .

The Saudi state news agency claimed that the Algerian president wished the crown prince for his health and well-being, saying he understood the sensitivity of the situation.

Al Jazeera TV’s correspondent tried to contact the relevant authorities regarding the condition of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, but there was no response from them. It should be noted that the Arab League was founded in 1945, in which the Middle East 22 countries including Central and North Africa are represented. Syria’s membership was suspended due to the long-running war.

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