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Why do Japanese people always take a bath before going to bed at night instead of in the morning? An interesting reason has emerged

There are many traditions in Japan that are sure to surprise the rest of the world, one of which is that Japanese citizens always bathe before going to bed at night instead of in the morning.

Now the very interesting reason for this unique habit of theirs has also been revealed. According to the website, those who have been to Japan will know that the Japanese have a habit of bathing in public baths and hot springs.

Almost every city, town and village has public baths where any man or woman can bathe for a very small fee. During this time they also get an opportunity to meet and interact with other people.

Therefore, Japanese citizens prefer to bathe in public baths. Now there are two reasons for this, the first is the extreme weather and the second is the lack of bathing facilities at home. In Japan, the temperature is very cold in winter and very hot in summer. In addition, most of the Japanese houses have bathtubs and central heating. There is no facility of heating system, so they prefer public bath to bathe and relax for a while.

Now you can think that what time can be more suitable to go to public bath and that too when one wants to meet people, chat and spend some quiet time along with bathing.

So the Japanese go to the public bath and take a bath at night after work. For the Japanese, taking a shower and taking a bath are two different things. Bathing for them means taking a long bath and cleaning the body thoroughly, which is not possible in a hurry in the morning.

So the Japanese take a shower early in the morning, they also go to the public bath at night to purify themselves.

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